Web applications


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var colors = [“#74B087”, “#DE7300”, “#74B087”]; //This doesn't actually do anything.
function outPutStatement() {} console.log run(webApp.PDS)(!)
Web Applications.

Web applications are software applications which run on a web browser. Web applications are perfect for delivering functionality to a large group of people. You might want to have an e-commerce web app which runs a shopping site, or a business app which manages your customer base. It will probably have a database behind it, and you will want to provide ease of access for all users.

Similar to a website, they both run on your browser. Where a web app differs is that they offer more functionality than your average website. A website is really just an online marketing presence, which mostly contains basic content and images. Web apps generally run business processes or functions, some of which are quite complex. The skills required for web app development are different to web development as web app requires software to be developed behind the page.

We can develop web applications for you to run your business or deliver your service to your customers.
This requires the skill of a software developer who has the relevant experience in this field.

The programming technology behind these applications could be .NET (C#)ASP.NETJavaPython, or many other programming languages.
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At PDS Code we will work with you to identify which type of applications you need to achieve your goals, and we will then make it happen. Our team of software experts are engaged in this type of development every day and we are confident that we can help you!