We at PDS Code can develop software applications for you which can be either desktop or server based. This requires the skill of a software developer who has the relevant experience in this field. The programming technology behind your applications could be .NET (C#)ASP.NETJavaPython, and many other programming languages. Get in touch to see how we can help.

Desktop Applications.

Desktop applications are developed to be installed and run on user PC’s. They are not as easily distributed to wide groups of users in the same way a web application is, but they are super fast, secure, and reliable, so if you need an internal application for your business then a desktop application may be the way to go.

Server applications.

Server applications are software packages which sit in the background unseen by human eyes, and spend the day busily working away crunching your data. For example, you might need a service which calculates premiums when your customers contract renewal is due; rather than having someone clicking a button to make this happen, server applications do it for you.

At PDS Code we will work with you to identify which type of applications you need to achieve your goals, and we will then make it happen. Often the solution will include a combination of the above. Our team of software experts make these decisions every day and we are confident that we can help you!