REDSIX App and System Development

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PDS Code were commissioned by mental health company REDSIX to build the next version of their mental health support platform. The package consists of a mobile app, management web portal, data services, and hosting. The company, who are market leaders in the mental health space in Australia and have one of the most downloaded apps in this category on the app store, were looking for a software company to partner with for the development, hosting, and ongoing support of their next generation platform.

The new platform required a social media aspect on top of the company’s core mental health functionality, and had to be designed to allow businesses and corporations to have managed access to the mental health picture of their employees. It was also required to provide access to the general public.

PDS Code delivered a turnkey solution on time and on budget, while also exceding customer expectations.

Microsoft’s .NET Maui platform was chosen as the technology stack for the system. Maui is the new multi-platform development framework recently released by Microsoft. Building a system on new technology comes with risks and challenges, but our investment in time was worthwhile due to the future benefits of ‘write once run many’. Completion of this project has given REDSIX a platform which will have vastly reduced maintenance and growth costs, and has positioned PDS Code at the front of the pack for developing systems in this technology going forward.

The app is a modern looking slick design, and contains mental health, social media, friend search, chat, and group functionality.

The accompanying web portal is used to manage the system. It allows business and corporate users to monitor the mental health of their teams, as well as manage user accounts and view mental health hot spots on a map.

The portal was developed on the Microsoft .NET Blazor platform, which is the latest incarnation of the Microsoft ASP.NET family, based on .NET Core. Blazor is the first genuine paradigm shift in website technology since the internet was first created. Older platforms were heavily reliant on JavaScript, which is a highly problematic and unreliable framework. Blazor completely changed the way rich, highly functional websites can be built without requiring JavaScript. The results speak for themselves. Using this technology allows significantly faster development of high quality web applications, while presenting fewer problems to deal with along the way.

More information on the system can be found at The REDSIX app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.